PERFECT DAD gift, Your Childs actual HANDWRITING or SIGNATURE sterling silver pendant, custom engraved

 PERFECT DAD gift, Your Childs actual HANDWRITING or SIGNATURE sterling silver pendant, custom engraved
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Many of us keep our kids first handwriting or drawings in boxes, but this is the perfect way of being able to see that oh so special artwork everyday and wear it proudly around your neck or attached to a keychain.
It will be a unique and one-off piece and is sure to attract a lot of comments from friends and family!
And won't your little ones be so proud of their handwriting/artwork - it will certainly boost their self-esteem to see you wearing it.

This beautiful 925 sterling silver pendant is meticulously handcrafted by myself in my studio in the Barossa Valley.

I take your childs or your loved one's HANDWRITING or SIGNATURE and turn it into a beautiful sterling silver necklace.
The front side of the solid 925 sterling silver plate is engraved with up to four or five words. A longer text might be possible as well, please ask, I'm more than happy to help :-)

The backside can be engraved with another short text, names and/or dates or whatever comes to your mind and what fits on the disk.
Please note, that this will be done in a standard font. Or with more original handwriting.

All silver is sterling silver.
The size of the sterling silver pendant is ~1" (~25mm)

It comes with your choice of sterling silver chain or steel key ring, please specify in the options field accordingly.

To send me an image of your handwriting, signature or childs artwork (what you want me to engrave) you will use the uploading feature for this item. It will pop up and become available after placing the item in the shopping cart. Please follow the instructions on the page.
This works best with a signature or handwriting in black on a white unstructured background. It needs to be crisp and in focus.
I am going to check if it's fit after your purchase and contact you if there are any problems.

The pendant is available on its own or with your choice of sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver charm, please specify in the options field accordingly.

The images show a darkened engraving to make the writing more visible. However in new jewellery the engraving is bright (silver color). It will darken within a few days or weeks and reach its final color.
You can order the dark engraving (as seen in the first pics) from the beginning (see options).


Weight 0.03 kg
Price: AUD90.92
Handwriting/childs artwork on front, what do you want me to engrave?
Text on back?
Text on back if applicable:
dark engraving
sterling chain/steel key ring
add a charm

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