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G’day and a very warm Welcome to my shop!

I grew up as a voracious reader of literary fantasies and Lilliputian decorator of my much beloved dollhouses. I have always had a knack for making small things and inevitably, my blooming passions as a child evolved into my profession of artistic expression.

My journey into real artistry started back in Germany when I studied sculptural work at the The Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
Now I am a silversmith and jewellery designer since many, many years with a never ending passion for all kind of literature.

MakeMyDay was born after many years perfecting my designs and crafting skills. Steering away from mass produced, meaningless jewellery, I hope that my genuine passion for each truly unique piece, shines through in my photographs.

I specialize in keepsake quality engraved, meaningful sterling silver pieces inscribed with your own words, song texts or inspirational quotes. Many of my pieces are adorned with uniquely inspired poetry by literary figures such as Rumi, Shakespeare, Tolkien and Whitman.
Almost every font is available for personalizing your piece of jewelry, which makes your necklace, bracelet or ring a truly one-of-a-kind creation.

An unforgettable and wonderful gift - these one of a kind pieces are a unique and personal way to capture a special moment in time and preserve it for a lifetime.

"There is no perfection in the world, except perhaps in Love. LOVE is expressed in every piece of my work, capturing a moment in time, and giving it enduring life."

Enjoy your visit ...